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Face Tape Rectangle

Face Tape Rectangle

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1. This facial patch can lift the face, change the shape of the face, make the loose skin of the face more delicate, and play the effect of temporary cosmetic surgery.
2. The ultra-thin transparent patch has a very good invisible effect, and it will not affect the normal make-up on both sides of the face.
3. The patch is pasted firmly, the fixing rope has a certain elasticity, the wearing effect is good, and it will not fall off easily.
4. This is a temporary face shaping method, which is very convenient and fast and does no harm to the skin.
5. It can be used for cheeks, corners of eyes, forehead and neck.
1. Name: temporary face lift patch
2. Quantity: 20pcs
3. Rope size: Black No. 1 (25.2cm); Black No. 2 (12.6cm); White (7.7cm)
Patch size: as shown
4. Function: lift the face, make the skin more delicate and temporarily reshape
5. Features: ultra thin, invisible, firmly pasted and waterproof

Step 1: pull the hair away to expose the skin and take two pieces of adhesive tape
Step 2: fix one end of elastic rope No. 1 (with knot) on the patch, and fix elastic rope No. 2 (with hook) on the other patch
Step 3: tear off the protective layer on the surface of the patch and stick it on the skin to ensure firm adhesion
Step 4: connect the two ropes from the back of the head through hooks and knots, and hide the rope with hair
7. Usage scenario: dressing table, dormitory, etc

Product list:
20 * patch + 8 * elastic rope + 1 * manual



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